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1115 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY, 14850
United States


Easy Living Hats are handcrafted in Ithaca, NY. These hats are universal: They fit any size, can be shaped into any style, and can be taken anywhere because they pack flat!
Pick from a variety of natural and earthy colors! 

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Chicken Scratch

Olivia Ashline Royale

I came in late,

Barely awake fences greet along side a corral of dog chorus. The quiet still air of the neighborhood had the feeling of shades drawn.

This was it.

I would welcome the stranger of the desert and face the fear that had been clenching my jaw all day. Why did I come here? Who would I be in the morning once the sun exposed all I could not see the night before?

In the morning the chickens greeted me instead of the bickering barking alarms, and their small chips and chirps made me feel like I was belonging. I scratched the notebook in rhythm to them searching the dirt beneath their claws. I decided then and there that I too would scratch the dirt. I would find the parts of myself that had long been buried and forgotten.