Packable Wide Brim Hats / Sedona
Packable Wide Brim Hats / Sedona
Packable Wide Brim Hats / Sedona
Packable Wide Brim Hats / Sedona
Packable Brim Hats / Sedona
Sedona Brim Hat Side View
Brim Hats Sedona
Side view of the Hat

Packable Wide Brim Hats / Sedona

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New collection of Packable Wide Brim Hats for Women, in an all new palette of colors perfect for any season!

Design: crocheted to stretch and fit most sizes.  It will pack flat for travel and storage.

Fiber: 100% organic Peruvian cotton. 

Color: Sedona (rust) 

Sizing: There is a stretch to these hats that makes the measurements less exact.  Please note these generally fit an average size, and if you order the "full wire" style brim you will receive hat string and chin strap that help with tightening and adjusting to smaller sizes!

Please check your measurements to make sure this is the right fit for you. 

     loose hat measurements: 

     top to ear: 6.5-7 inches  / around head: 21-22 inches/ brim: 3-3.5 inches

Note with sizing: feel free to Stretch these hats on your first wear! They will stretch to fit your sizing perfectly after you wear it in!

Return policy: During 2020, due to Covid-19, all hat sales are final and cannot be exchanged or returned. 

Sustainable Packaging: all hats come packaged in an eco-friendly, canvas drawstring bag for travel and storage, also serves as a reusable market bag!

Brim: CHOOSE YOUR BRIM STYLE at Check out!  Now offering 2 brims styles: 

* "full wire" (fitted with a stiff metal wire, comes with grommets, leather chin strap, and matching hat string, for adjusting and extra security) $99

* "scrunchable" (a more basic design with galvanized rope, can "scrunch" and fold and go back to a wearable shape! This option does not come with grommets, leather, or hat string.) $99



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