Bear Trail

Sun Hat

I've always had a thing for hats.  

You would never imagine from my brand that I was not much of a nature girl before Easy Living Hats. Sure I loved the occasional walk with friends but never did I seek out the trail experience like I do now. When I created Easy Living Hats and the packable sun hat design started to evolve, I had to go out into nature to get pictures of Hats in every element.  I had to test its comfort, the shade it provided in the sun, how wet can it get in the rain... 

Through the development of this business I started to change too. As Easy Living Hats morphed into a nature/outdoor brand, so did I! I found a quiet and peace that was different than how my business brain was operating each day- What a reprieve. 

I never imagined that as this business would evolve, so would I.  Not a day goes by now that I don't seek a connection with nature that will bring me some inner peace. As a hat lover I always loved the style and effect a good hat could have on the spirit (or an outfit) But now it means so much more to me. 

I feel the most alive, the most safe, the most inside my body being in the middle of a forest. And I feel the most confident on these adventures in an Easy Living Hat. 


favorite hiking location:

The Bear Trail

at Upper Buttermilk Falls


The Bear Trail


Hat for Bear Trail


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