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  • New Fiber by Pichinku Yarns

      I am excited to officially announce that my next collection will be made using prima cotton yarn from Peru, dyed with native plants from the Peru...
  • This is why I love my job!

    Choosing traditional crochet to make a packable hat was smart on a design level but it’s become even more convenient in my life as a working, maker mama! It’s been nice to be able to work anywhere and it definitely leaves no room for burn out or boredom!
  • How to wash a wool knit cap

  • How to Style, Top Tip from Designer

    Hello #HatFam

    Here is a secret styling tip. This is MY favorite way to wear a Packable Sun Hat. I often have shoppers asking how I "got my hat to look that way" So here is a video tutorial on the very simple trick I call The Pinch! 

    Easy Living Hats are all created to be versatile: style, pinch, bend it into your perfect packable hat.  These hats can look like traditional millinery but are more comfortable, can be worn in more seasons, fit any size, and.... PACK FLAT! 

  • How to Style, 2 Ways to use a Hat string

    Secret Styling and tips on how to wear and use your Easy Living Hat, from the designer herself! 

    This video shows you how to anchor your hat string, which keeps it from falling off when taking your sun hat on and off! There is also an extra tip for how to weave it as a chin strap on a windy day!